G*Köntest // Dj Djel "Diamond Cutter"

Win the G*Köncept // Dj Djel a.k.a Diamond Cutter package!

Answer these (really easy) questions and email the answers to contact@gkoncept.com,
we will draw two winners (amongst the correct answers of course) who will win the Djel // G*Koncept package :
- Limited edition G*Kolab : Dj Djel a.k.a « Diamond Cutter » t-shirt
- An autographed « Best off Fonky Family » album (with freestyles and unreleased tracks)

1- What's the name of the last G*Klip (episode 2) by G*Köncept ?
2- Which hip hop band is Dj Djel from ?
3- What's Dj Djel & Meisterfackt's hiphop/dubstep project called ?
4- How many members form the G*Krew ?

All the answers can be found on the following websites :
www.GKONCEPT.com // www.DJDJEL.com

G*Köntest // Dj Djel Diamond Cutter