New Toy custom contest by Mafia Factory:

Once again Mafia Factory give the opportunity to custom a toy. This time you also had to design packaging for your toy and T-shirt.

Message from Mafia Factory:
1. please provide us some more files as in the fact sheet mentioned
2. Zip all files and rename the folder with your country and your name such as Thailand MAFIA
3. send all to us in single one mail for each design set.

Submission deadline will now be postponed to February 20th, 2012. the Final Battle Day will be from March 29th to March 31th, 2012. The Grand Awards Ceremony is now on April 1st, 2012.
We will post all submission by overall template in JPG files in our CEPlanet FaceBook once we got your submission. Then, you guys can recheck your submission directly.

Donwload toys templates

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